2018-2019 Membership fees are now due

Membership and Insurance fees for the next year are now due. Please complete the online registration form with supporting documents (photo or a scan of your WWC card and accreditation points sheet).

Please note, only valid activities will be counted towards your accreditation points. WAPSA and APSA has the right not to accept an activity without proper supporting documentation (if requested).

Please ensure that you submit and pay your renewal fees before 1 June 2018. Failure to renew your membership and insurance prior to that date will result in loss of your coaching accreditation.

Make sure you go through the whole process including payment page. Payment page will close on 1 June 2018 automatically.


Please follow the link below to start your renewal process.

2018-2019 Membership Renewals

Also for any WAPSA related enquiries please use official WAPSA email:


New Level 0, Level 1 and Mentoring Requirements

New Rules and Requirements for Level 0 and Level 1 courses has been published by APSA. Please see below the major changes that have been implemented to the courses (effective immediately).


You must be 16 years of age or over and display a satisfactory level of maturity to be accepted into the Level 0 accreditation program.

Level 0 Accreditation will qualify you to coach the Skating School group classes in your rink. You will not be qualified or accredited to coach private lessons.

Two Courses are required for Level 0 Accreditation:

1. Community General Principles of Coaching Course provided by ASC.

2. Sports Specific component of Level 0 accreditation, which is both an on ice and off ice course covering the basics of coaching Aussie Skate Classes privided by APSA.


Minimum Test Level:

Elementary TPS and Elementary Technical



It is a requirement that all course participants have attained the age of 18 years. That means that you can’t do Level 1 course until you turn 18.


Minimum Test Level:

Basic Novice B TPS and Basic Novice B Technical


Basic Novice B TPS and Basic Novice Ice Dance Test



Just to clarify the requirements for MENTOR coaches:

You MUST be a Level 2 coach AND have completed ASC Mentor Course.

At this stage we ONLY have 2 Mentor coaches in WA (pending their confirmation on ASC Mentor Course Completion). They are Genevieve HOHNEN and Jane REYNOLDS. All other coaches who have applied for Mentor position are ineligible for the role.

WAPSA AGM and 2017/2018 Committee

WAPSA committee for 2017/2018:

President: Bill Hewison

Vice-President: Judy Skillcorn

Treasurer: Edwina Hewison

Hon Secretary: Caroline Jamieson

Member & Child Protection: 

Website and Accreditation Officer: Evgueni Borounov

APSA Rep: Bill Hewison

WAISA Representative: Kirsten Mather

CIA Representative: Maria Borounov

PIA Representative: Shorna Hewison

XIA Representative: Caroline Jamieson

Synchronised Representative: Genevieve Hohnen

Other business:

All Level 0 and Level 1 applicants must advise Accreditation Officer before applying to do the course over east. Course requirements are going to be changed and these changes will be posted on the APSA and WAPSA website at a later date.