WAPSA’s accreditation program is part of the Australian Sports Commission’s (ASC) National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS).  It provides four progressive levels of education equipping and enabling coaches to grow in their skill and knowledge of coaching.

  • Level 0 equipping coaches to the Aussie Skate level
  • Level 1 equipping coaches to the Basic Novice A level
  • Level 2 equipping coaches to the Advanced Novice level (discipline specific)
  • Level 3 equipping coaches to the Senior level (discipline specific)

All our courses are submitted jointly with Ice Skating Australia to the Australian Sports Commission for approval. Coaches completing each level of accreditation will receive an Australian Government accreditation card.

Requirements for each level can be found here:-

In order to be a valid member of WAPSA Inc. you must have current membership fees paid, attain the minimum required amount of update points per year for your coaching level and be in possession of valid WWC (working with children) card. Failure to achieve any of the above will result in suspension of your coaching status and will require you to do your coaching course all over again. Please note, there will be no more “Leave of absence” status applied to currently inactive coaches.

Anyone wishing to do any accreditation courses outside of WA, must apply for permission in writing to WAPSA ( WAPSA membership must be paid if full before applying for any accreditation course. Coaches applying for Level 0 will get special link to payment page when they apply to go interstate for their accreditation course.