WAPSA Accredited Mentor Coaches:

  • Genevieve Hohlen
  • Jane Reynolds

Every Mentor Coach needs to have a passion for developing figure skating coaches & a willingness to share their knowledge & experience.

Mentoring involves the Mentor coach helping the Mentee to settle into private lesson coaching and their new business, once they have attained their Level 1 accreditation.

It can take place in a number of different formats such as face-to-face, phone, email, Skype, etc. Mentoring Topics could include discussion of technique, rules, competition and /or test requirements, class structure, running of your own business and lesson review (observation & discussion).

Mentees may be assigned to a Mentor Coach by the State PSA upon attainment of Level 1 Accreditation or a Mentee may approach any current Mentor Coach as listed on the APSA website.

A Mentor Coach may decline to take on a new Mentee if unavailable at the time. Mentor Coaches should advise APSA of any changes in availability.

Requirements to be a Mentor Coach:

MUST be available for a minimum of 12 months period for at least 1 hour of Mentoring per month.

MUST have completed the ASC Mentor Coaching Course available through Australian Sports Commission.

– MUST be a Level 2 Accredited coach.