2017-2018 Membership Renewals are open

Online membership renewals are now open.

Please follow the link below to complete your form and submit online payment.

2017-2018 WAPSA MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL FORM (now closed)

REMEMBER, you must submit your current WWC Card (take photo with your phone), as well as “Update Points” for the year (from July 2016 until June 2017).

Level 0 requires – 5 points, Level 1 – 10, Level 2 – 15.

Make sure you have “Skating Related Activities” as your update points on your form. Having done 10 hours of Zumba or Ballet doesn’t  qualify as skating activity. It must be either on-ice camp or other on-ice activity. Lack of such will result in refusal of your membership renewal and your money will be refunded and accreditation will be void.


Thank you