WAPSA Accredited Trainer Coaches (minimum 5 years experience as a Level 1 coach required):

  • Jane Ashworth
  • Jon Bonny
  • Edwina Hewison
  • William Hewison
  • Kirsten Mather
  • David Reynolds
  • Jane Reynolds
  • Judith Skillcorn
  • Shorna Hewison
  • Valentin Kadzevitch

The role of Trainer Coach involves being willing to have an Apprentice Coach stand in and observe your lessons. The Apprentice is not to interfere with the lesson, but will listen & learn to gain from your experience.

The lessons will be part of the Apprentice’s 40 hours requirement for their Level 1 Accreditation and therefore must cover coaching beginners through to ISA’s Pre-Primary level only. The Trainer Coach will sign the Apprentice’s Log Book to verify hours of observation.

Before allowing an Apprentice Coach to observe their lessons, the Trainer Coach must ensure that the Apprentice Coach has a current WWC document.

NB: Should the Apprentice Coach have questions regarding the lessons a discussion should take place outside of the lesson at a mutually agreed time. A fee may apply in this situation if arranged previously.